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Thermo-active anti-cellulite program


Cellulite is structural change in subcutaneous layer resulting in abnormality of microcirculation and lymphatic outflow. Presence of cellulite does not depend on a woman’s age or body weight.

The set of preparations from the anti-cellulite program enables a cosmetologist quickly and efficiently solving the problems of cellulite and local fat deposits at all stages, considering custom-tailored approach to the problems of every client. The preparations are easy-to-use, are easily absorbed into skin, and may be used either independently or in combination with special equipment. Does not require shower cubicle!

Indications for application:

  • Fibrous cellulite of stage 1 and 2;
  • Local fat deposit;
  • Decrease of skin tone and elasticity.

Program tasks:

  • Decrease of thickness and density of subcutaneous fat owing to lipolysis process activation;
  • Leveling of skin relief;
  • Decrease of problem areas dimensions;
  • Removal of local edemas;
  • Normalization of lympho- and venous drainage;
  • Activation of local microcirculation;
  • Increase of skin tone and elasticity in problem areas.

Recommendations on the course of procedures:

Course: 10-15 procedures, periodicity – every second day. At fine-cellular or edema tic cellulite, 2 procedures per week are enough.
Number of courses: 2-3 times per year.
Consulting: In some cases with associated diseases it is necessary to ask for advice of gynecologist, endocrinologist or physician.


  • Varicosity, thrombophlebitis;
  • Acute inflammatory skin diseases and chronic diseases in the procedure area;
  • Inflammatory diseases of female reproductive system in acute stage and presence of benign neoplasm in anamnesis (myomas, fibromas, polycystic ovaries etc.);
  • Pregnancy;
  • Mechanical injuries of skin in the procedure area;
  • It is not recommended to make the procedure within the day of epilation.

Recommended products for household use:

  • Honey Slimming Gel
  • Avocado Body Balsam
  • Apricot Body Scrub 

Applied cosmetics:

  • Lympho-Stimulating Enzyme Gel
  • Lipolysis active concentrate
  • Algae Thermo Mask
  • ARO Massage Body Oil
  • Spiruline Module Cream


Stages 1-4 are done in client’s standing position.

1. Measurement of body capacities:

Make measurements of body capacities in the following areas:

  • waist circumference;
  • buttocks circumference;
  • upper thigh circumference (gluteal fold area);
  • middle thigh circumference;
  • knee circumference (patella area).

Write down the values into the checklist. The area of measurements should be marked off clearly. It is necessary so that with every procedure the measurements were made in the same area.

2. Biostimulation: Limpho-Stimulating Enzyme Gel

Apply a thin layer of gel and with circular motions embrocate it into skin till complete absorption.

3. Activation: Lipolysis Active Concentrate

Apply anti-cellulite concentrate to problem areas of skin.

4. Special procedure: Algae Thermo-Mask

Apply a thin layer of thermoactive anti-cellulite mask, then wrap a client with polyethylene film from ankle joint to waist, trying to achieve the same pressure (compression) in all the areas. Leave for 30-45 minutes. To increase effect it is possible to use a thermal blanket. Hot green or herbal tea may be offered to a client during the procedure. After the expiry of time remove the film, rub the gel remains into the skin.

5 Massage: ARO Massage Body Oil

Make lymphatic drainage massage using the massage oil. Remove the cream remains with tissues or a towel. Massage duration should be not less than 15 minutes.

6. Conclusive procedure: Spiruline Module Cream

Apply modeling cream.

7. Monitoring measurement of body capacities:

Make monitoring measurement of thigh circumference (in client’s standing position). Write down the results into the checklist.


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