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Depigmenting program with vitamin C


Indications for application:

The program is recommended in case of skin pigmentation according to the pigmentation type:

  • fading skin with dyschromia signs;
  • excessive sunburn;
  • as well as for prevention of hyper pigmentation, for dry sensitive skin with dyschro elastin synthesis; mia.

Program tasks:

  • activate process of pigmented cells peeling from the surface of epidermis layer;
  • block principal reaction of melagenesis – enzymatic transformation of tyrosine into melanin;
  • initiate exchange of epidermis cells;
  • not break lipid and water balance of skin.

Recommendations on the course of procedures:

Course: 8-10 procedures (2 procedures per week).
Number of courses: 2-4 courses per year (within periods of the inactive sun).
As “emergency care” the program can be used as an independent single procedure.

Applied cosmetics: 

  • Enzymatic Cleansing Gel
  • Fruit Enzyme Scrub
  • Lemon Lotion
  • Vit. “C” Concentrate
  • Mandarin Massage Cream
  • Papain Mask
  • Sun Protective Gel SPF 30


Cleansing: Enzymatic Cleansing Gel
Exfoliation: Pearl Buffing Cream
Toning: Lemon Lotion
Activation: Whitening Serum whitening serum with the complex of fruit acids.
Whitening creams:

  • Vit. “C” Depigmenting Cream
  • Whitening Night Cream
  • AHA Active Gel 10%

Protection: During the daytime the skin apt to increased synthesis of melanin, needs protection against sun beams. SPA Abyss series includes a wide range of sun-protection preparations for all skin types, with and without tonal admixtures, for warm and cold seasons. 


  • Makeup removal: Remove decorative cosmetics by means of cotton cuds and pads, using Make-Up Remover Gel. Then apply Enzymatic Cleansing Gel to face, neck, decollete area and massage skin lightly by fingertips within 1-2 minutes. Wash off by watered sponges.
  • Deep cleansing (exfoliation): Apply scrub for deep cleansing Fruit Enzyme Scrub uniformly to face skin, neck and decollete area. Make manual peeling-massage within 2-3 minutes. Remove the remains of cream by watered sponges.
  • Toning: Apply toning Lemon Lotion to cotton pads and treat face skin, neck and decollete area thoroughly.
  • Massage: Make cosmetic massage with the pigmenting cream Mandarin Massage Cream within 15-20. At the end of procedure remove the remains of cream by wet sponges and clean the skin with toner Lemon Lotion.
  • Activation: Apply 1ml (1/4 of ampoule) of Vit. “C” Concentrate to face skin and beat in by fingertips.
  • Special procedure: Dilute 1 teaspoon (5g) of powder mask Papain Mask with Lemon Lotion to liquid sour cream consistency. Apply uniformly to skin. Protect eyelids with MPC Eye Cream. After complete drying of the mask, remove it by water and clean the skin with toner.
  • Repeated activation: Apply 1ml (1/4 of ampoule) of Vit. “C” Concentrate to face skin and beat in by fingertips.
  • Protection: Only during solar activity hours! Apply sun-protection preparation Sun Protective Gel SPF 30.


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