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Procedures for problem skin

ANTI-ACNE THERAPY for Acne 1 and 2nd stage  

Indications for application: primary stage of acne within the period of sexual maturation, so called “common acne”.

Program tasks:

  • normalize activity of adipose glands;
  • provide antibacterial action;
  • decrease hyperkeratosis follicular is;
  • prevent development of complications.

Recommendations on the course of procedures: repeat each 1-2 days till achievement of clinical effect.

As “emergency help” the program can be used as an independent single procedure. 

Consultations: before beginning of the course it’s necessary to consult dermatocosmetologist, gynecologist, endocrinologist, and therapist.


Cleansing:in the morning and evening

  • Enzymatic Cleansing Gel;
  • Foaming Phyto Peel;
  • Botanical Clarifying Astringent. 

Moistening and protection: in the morning and evening

  • Oil Control Phyto Gel;
  • Botanical Anti-Acne Cream. 

Special procedures:

  • Antiseptic Clay Mask – every other day.
  • Blemish Fix Аpplicator.

Applied cosmetics:

  • Enzymatic Cleansing Gel
  • Foaming Phyto Peel
  • Botanical Clarifying Astringent
  • Pro Cleansing Gel Mask (PH 10)
  • Balancing Phyto Serum
  • Calming Massage Phyto Milk
  • Antiseptic Clay Mask
  • Active Anti-Acne Mask
  • Botanical Anti-Acne Cream


1. Cleansing: Remove decorative cosmetics by means of cotton cuds and pads, using Make-Up Remover Gel. Then apply Enzymatic Cleansing Gel to face, neck, decollete area and massage skin lightly by fingertips within 1-2 minutes. Wash off by watered sponges.

2. Deep cleansing: Apply uniformly Foaming Phyto Peel for problem skin to the face skin. Make delicately manual peeling-massage within 2-3 minutes, having watered fingertips previously. Wash off by watered sponges.

3. Prepare the skin by mechanical cleaning: Apply thin layer of Pro-Cleansing Gel Mask to the face skin. To create sauna effect cover the face with food film and warm towels. In 10-15 minutes start to abstract pimples, gradually removing the gel. In the course of mechanical cleansing it’s necessary to clean the treated areas with antiseptic lotion Botanical Clarifying Astringent.

4. Massage: Make delicate massage by Jacque within 7-10 minutes with Calming Massage Phyto Milk. Remove the remains of the preparation by water and clean with the lotion Botanical Clarifying Astringent.

5. Activation: Apply 1ml (1/4 of ampoule) of Balancing Phyto Serum to the face skin and beat in by fingertips. Ionophoresis can be used (on positive electrode).

6. Special procedure: Apply one of two masks to the face skin:

    • Dilute Antiseptic Clay Mask (5g) with cool water or herb tea to liquid sour cream consistency. Apply uniformly to the face skin.
    • Dilute Active Anti-Acne Mask (5g) with boiling water to liquid sour cream consistency, infuse it within 5 minutes. Apply warm mask to the face and leave for 10-15 minutes. Carry out darsonval by the contact method over the dried mask. Wash off the remains of mask by sponges. Clean the face with Botanical Clarifying Astringent.

7. Protection: Apply Botanical Anti-Acne Cream to the face and neck skin.


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