SPA procedure “Skin chocolate lifting”


Indications for application:


Program tasks:

Recommendations on the course of procedures:

Course: 10-15 procedures
Periodicity: in 1-2 days
Number of courses: 2-3 times per year
Attention: does not require shower.


Applied cosmetics: 


Stages 1-3 are done in client’s standing position. 

1. Measurement of body capacities:

Make measurements of body capacities in the following areas:

  1. waist circumference;
  2. buttocks circumference;
  3. upper thigh circumference (gluteal fold area);
  4. middle thigh circumference;
  5. knee circumference (patella area).

Write down the values into the checklist. The area of measurements should be marked off clearly. It is necessary so that with every procedure the measurements were made in the same area.

  1. Cleansing: Clean the skin with a cotton pad soaked in Chocolate Cleansing Lotion.
  2. Deep cleansing (exfoliation): Apply a thin level layer of Chocolate Gommage and in 1-3 minutes with circular massage motions “roll down” the preparation from skin surface. Remove the preparation remains with a warm and wet towel.
  3. Activation: Apply a thin layer of Chocolate Lifting Gel. Then wrap a client with polyethylene film from ankle joint to waist, trying to achieve the same pressure (compression) in all the areas. Leave for 20-35 minutes. Hot chocolate may be offered to a client during the procedure. After the expiry of time remove the film, remove the gel remains with a warm and wet towel.
  4. Massage: Make lymphatic drainage massage using modeling Chocolate Lifting Cream. Massage duration should be not less than 15 minutes. Remove the cream remains with a warm and wet towel.
  5. Special procedure: Apply a thin layer of Chocolate Lifting Mask. Wrap the client first with a cellophane sheet and then with a warm blanket. Leave for 15-20 minutes. Secure complete relaxation for the client (it’s good to switch on a soft relaxing music). After the expiry of time remove the mask with a warm and wet towel. In the end dry the skin.
  6. Protection: Apply Chocolate Lifting Cream and rub it into the skin.
  7. The control of body volume measurement:
    Conduct a test measuring the volume of the body (of the customer standing) Record results in the control card.