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Express program “Hand and foot skin care”


Indications for application:

The program is designed for elimination of limb hyperkeratosis (weather-beaten exfoliating hands, plantar callosities, calluses etc.) with further manicure or pedicure.

Program tasks:

  • Softening of keratic skin thickenings;
  • Removing of plantar callosities and calluses;
  • Relieving tension of hands and legs muscles;
  • Improving local, lymphatic and venous blood circulation;
  • Softening, hydrating and providing deep skin nourishment.

Course recommendations:

Course: in 2-3 days till achieving effect but preferably not more than 10.
Number of courses: according to indications.
May be used as an independent solitary procedure or before manicure or pedicure.
Contraindications: none

Applied cosmetics and treatment procedure  

Exfoliation: Fruit Acids Exfoliant
Apply a small amount of scrub-cream to a wet skin and massage during several minutes, paying special attention at areas with coarse skin, plantar callosities and calluses. Wash away with warm water.

Special procedure: Keratolysis Cream
Apply a small amount of cream equally at the surface of areas requiring treatment. Put plastic socks (gloves) on feet (hands), leave for 15-30 minutes depending on hyperkeratosis stage. Then put legs (hands) into warm water and make paraffin application (10-15 minutes). After that start tool treatment – manicure or (and) pedicure. 

Massage: Veno -Tone Massage Cream
Spread a small amount of preparation on the skin surface and make massage. In the end remove the cream remains with a towel.

Relaxation and protection: Relaxing Gel
Apply a small amount of gel to the skin and slightly rub it into skin till complete absorption.


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