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Reviving therapy for skin around eyes


Indications for application:

The program is provided for removal of swellings, dark circles under eyes, small wrinkles, for protection against premature aging of eyelid skin.

Program tasks:

  • provide moistening and nutrition of skin;
  • normalize water and lipid balance;
  • activate collagen synthesis and division of cells of epidermis stratum basale;
  • activate microcirculation, improve lymph and venous drainage. 

Recommendations on the course of procedures:

Course: 6 procedures (2 procedures per week).
Number of courses: 2 courses per year.
Supporting procedures: 1 time per month.
As “emergency care” the program can be used as an independent single procedure.

Applied cosmetics: 

1. Make-Up Remover Gel
2. Embryo Plant Skin Elixir
3.1. Revita Lift Eye Mask

3.2. Fibronectic Eye Gel Mask
3.3. Collagen Eye Mask
4. Plant Cells Eye Concentrate
5. MPC Eye Cream
6. DNA
Eye & Throat Gel


Cleaning: Make-Up Remover Gel
Nutrition and moisturizing: MPC Eye Cream
DNA Eye & Throat Gel
Golden Glow Eye Lift Repair Cream
Protection: Eye Lifting Cream SPF8.


  1. Makeup removal: Apply Make-Up Remover Gel to face skin, neck, decollete area, massage skin lightly by fingertips within 1-2 minutes. Remove decorative cosmetics by means of cotton cuds and pads from eyes and lips. Remove remains of gel by wet sponges.
  2. Toning: Apply Embryo Plant Skin Elixir toner to cotton pads and treat face skin, neck and decollete area thoroughly.
  3. Massage of eyelid area: Make lymph drainage and (or) point massage of paraorbital area by cream MPC Eye Cream within 10 minutes. Absorb the remains of cream by paper towel.
  4. Activation: Apply 2-3 drops of Plant Cells Eye Concentrate to the area of each eyelid. Lightly beat it in by fingertips.
  5. Special procedure: Select the mask for eyelids for your patient according to the skin individual requirements:

Revita Lift Eye Mask – nutrient lifting mask; or
Fibronectic Eye Gel Mask - hydrating lifting mask; or
Collagen Eye Mask – hypoallergenic softening and hydrating mask. Apply the mask to the paraorbital area. In 10-15 minutes remove the mask (except for Revita Lift Eye Mask, remains whereof are bet into eyelid skin by fingertips) and sponge skin with paper towel.

6. Protection Apply thin layer of DNA Eye & Throat Gel to eyelid skin, neck and decollete. Apply cream to face skin corresponding to the skin type. Absorb remains by paper towel.

Note: The program can be combined with any procedure provided for face care.



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